Argentina, Santiago Del Estero

Imagine an area the size of California dotted with marshes, agricultural activity and a steady supply of water brought by rain, rivers and streams from the high Andes to the northwest. It is a combination of Everglades and the Mississippi delta. A wingshooting paradise and best of all no other hunter in sight! Liberal limits, no steel shots and no plugs complete the wonderful reality of having arrived to shooting Nirvana. Imagine bagging in a few days what you shoot in a whole season back home. Our entire wing shooting is done in the best part of Argentina. This is the north central portion of the country. This area comprises the provinces of Santa Fe, Chaco and Santiago del Estero. We have 3 main lodges about 100 miles from Resistencia, Santiago del Estero or Corrientes airports. With this kind of infrastructure and daily jet service from Buenos Aires you can avoid the expensive alternative of charter planes. Ducks, Doves, Pigeon and perdiz, all within driving distance of each other. In our Santiago lodge a mixed bag can be done This is the very best value return for your trip investment in particular for those who have limited time away from home and our great price makes it even more attractive. The area is spread between the Provinces of Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero. This area is full of marshes surrounded by all kind of crops. The limit for duck is 25 a day per hunter, so if you have say 4 days of duck hunting you have a total of 100 birds regardless of how many you shoot in one day. The accommodation at the Estancia house or ranch house is very well appointed and just remodeled. It is between 30 and 60 minutes from the different shooting areas. The most common activity is duck in the morning and dove, pigeon and an occasional perdiz in the afternoon (arrangements can be made for a duck/ duck day). This is because you usually reach your duck limit in the morning. Through the season there are more than 10 different duck species available at one time or another. Unlike Córdoba and other provinces, here doves and pigeons coexist in the same area. Usually they are hunted together. In addition, it’ s possible to hunt three varieties of Perdiz: the small (inambúe), the montaraz and the copetona. May to Sept.

Length of Trip
5 days 4 night’ s accommodations in an Estancia

Non-hunters pay a fee of U$S 150 per person per day.

Options: Add on golden dorado trip or Patagonia trout trip

Price Includes
Reception at the airport
Meeting and customs assistance in Corrientes
Transport airport – Estancia – airport
5 days hunting; 3 full days and 2 half days hunting (8 shots in total)
5 days and 4 nights accommodations in an Estancia (all meals included)
Bird boy
4×4 (all terrain) transportation
Beverages: wine, sodas, beer and water
Beverages during the hunting
Open bar

Does Not Include
License: US$30 per day
Phone call
Gun permits (US$100 per gun)
Additional Shells, (US$12 per box provided by the company)
Renting guns US$100 per day

3 days hunting; 3 full days (8 shoots in total) Santiago de Estero, situated in the core of the Argentine Republic, is considered to be one of the best places worldwide for dove duck It is an area full of mountains and hills, surrounded by agricultural land. These two elements are the facts that permit an excellent location for bird reproduction. It is estimated that in an appropriate spot or intersection of a good feeding area and a resting zone, over 1.000.000 (a million) doves go through it in just one hour.

The best months to hunt duck are May thru Sept
Hunting seasons are open all year without bag limits for dove hunting and run from May
to August for partridge, duck and geese.

Typical day
6:00 am – Breakfast
7:00 am – Trip to shooting fields
From 8:00 to 11:00 am – Non stop shooting fun
12:00 Barbecue in field (Time for nap until 2:00 pm)
2:00 pm More shooting fun
Return with sunset and dinner at 7:00 pm

To start the day, hunters enjoy an American breakfast consisting of juice, coffee, tea or milk; eggs, bacon and toast with butter and delicious marmalades.
Our field lunch is the famous Argentinean barbecue, with steak, sausages, and salads.
Excellent wines, beer, soft drinks accompany the typical meal.
Gourmet dinners are served at the lodge, followed by delicious, homemade desserts.
Exceptional regional wines accompany all meals.
Beer and soda are available throughout the day.

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