Argentina, Salta

Salta Province is located in the Northwest part of the country, near the border with Bolivia and Chile. It is called “ Salta the beauty” for the incredible and wild beautiful countryside. It is the second oldest major city in Argentina, dating back to the 17th century. It is a major tourist area for both Argentineans as well as other people from all over the world.
In Salta Province, you will have the opportunity to hunt the newest “hot spot” in the world for the “ eared dove” . This dove resembles the morning dove, but unlike the morning dove, it flies all day long. The Argentina National Department of Agriculture estimates that there are over 100 million doves in the area of Salta, where we exclusively hunt. It is possible to shoot over 3000 rounds a day with no seasons and no limits. This area was first developed for farming about 12 years ago. The major crops are corn, wheat, soybeans, and sunflower. With this new agriculture, came the explosion of the dove population. The small number of hunters in the area makes Salta much like 20-25 years ago, when Salta was first discovered for dove hunting. In addition, the farms in Salta are relatively small compared to the large farms (over 100,000 acres) that we hunt. You won’ t see other hunting groups, therefore you will have the feeling that this whole area is exclusively yours to enjoy.
We have over 750,000 private acres (Three farms) under lease, with some of the most beautiful mountain streams and rivers in the world. These streams are home to the Dorado, the “ Golden Salmon” which is considered to be the most challenging native freshwater game fish in South America. We fly fish or use spinning tackle for them, and on an average day you should catch between 10-30 fish that will average between 5 to 15 pounds.
The lodge has 25 rooms, and it is possible to have private rooms, or double occupancy. The lodge is located within a few minutes of the fields that we hunt, and is much nicer than most “ Hunting accommodations” . There is a pool, weight room, ping-pong table, gun cleaning area, and each room has satellite TV. In addition there are meeting rooms and private dining areas for corporate groups. Rated 5 stars

Length of Trip
5 days 4 night’ s accommodations in an Estancia

Non-hunters pay a fee of U$S 150 per person per day.

Options: Add on golden dorado trip or Patagonia trout trip

Price Includes
Reception at the airport
Meeting and customs assistance in Salta
Transport airport – Estancia – airport
5 days hunting; 3 full days and 2 half days hunting (6 shots in total)
5 days and 4 nights accommodations in an Estancia (all meals included)
Bird boy
4×4 (all terrain) transportation
Beverages: wine, sodas, beer and water
Beverages during the hunting
Open bar

Does Not Include
License: US$30 per day
Phone call
Gun permits (US$70 per gun)
Additional Shells, (US$12 per box provided by the company)
Renting guns US$100 per day

3 days hunting; 3 full days (8 shoots in total) Salta, situated in the Northwest corner of Argentina, is considered to be one of the best places worldwide for dove hunting and pigeon. It is an area full of mountains and hills, surrounded by agricultural land. These two elements are the facts that permit an excellent location for bird reproduction. It is estimated that in an appropriate spot or intersection of a good feeding area and a resting zone, over 1.000.000 (a million) doves go through it in just one hour.

The best months to hunt dove are year round
Hunting seasons are open all year without bag limits for dove hunting

Typical day
6:00 am – Breakfast
7:00 am – Trip to shooting fields
From 8:00 to 11:00 am – Non stop shooting fun
12:00 Barbecue in field (Time for nap until 2:00 pm)
2:00 pm More shooting fun
Return with sunset and dinner at 7:00 pm

To start the day, hunters enjoy an American breakfast consisting of juice, coffee, tea or milk; eggs, bacon and toast with butter and delicious marmalades.

Our field lunch is the famous Argentinean barbecue, with steak, sausages, and salads. Excellent wines, beer, soft drinks accompany the typical meal.

Gourmet dinners are served at the lodge, followed by delicious, homemade desserts.
Exceptional regional wines accompany all meals.
Beer and soda are available throughout the day.

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