Colombia, Tomo

Mobile tent camp:
The Natural El Tuparro National Park is located in the interior in Colombia. The park is part of the Department of Vichada, Colombia. It was created in 1970, extends over an area of 548,000 has and is bathed by Tuparro rivers and Caño Maipurés Tuparrito Tomo rivers to the North, South. The Park is a sanctuary for birds, orchids, monkeys, snakes and dolphins (pink freshwater dolphins).
Llanos plains which covers areas in Colombia and Venezuela. Geologically the municipality of Puerto Carreño lies on the Guiana Shield mostly made up by cenozoic and precambric formations, with some low altitude mountains such as the Mt Casuarito Hormiga and Guaripa mountains. Fishing in the southern part of the Ilanos one of the more productive rivers in Colombia here you will find Three different species of peacock bass inhabit the Tomo: royal pavon (chicla nigrolineatus), butterfly pavon (chicla orinocensis) and the larger three-bar or speckled pavon (Chicla temensis). Other sportfish include saber-tooth payara, schooling sardinatas, piranhas and catfish weighing up to 100 pounds.
The operation is a mobile tent camp, tents suitable to stand up in, screen dining, two generators, hearty meals and being able to be mobile traveling as far as needed. This is another location off the beaten path.
Length of Trip 10 days 9 nights


Price Includes
1 night in Bogata, 7 Full days fishing, meal , soft beverages and accommodation at camp
Does Not Include
International air, Travel insurance, fishing tackle, items of a personal nature

7 to 7.5 days fishing

Species of Fish
Peacock bass, payara, giant catfish

Jan to Mar.

80 to 95 day
65 to 75 night

Aluminum boats 40 hp motors

Local native guides

Other Activities
Nature walks

Hearty local meals

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Travel Insurance
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US Passport required

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