Brazil, Tayacu

The brand new yacht Tayacu for monster peacock fishing in the Barcelos, Santa Isabella region. A very nice and comfortable boat accommodating 12 fishermen with total comfort and agility to navigate the low waters during dry season, its draft (hull) is only 34 inches (85 cm ), this is what makes Tayaçu the best choice for reaching most promising fishing spots at very low water levels where the big Yachts don’t dare to enter. The Tayacu has 6 rooms fully air conditioned, private bathrooms and showers, two rooms are queen size style beds and have more space to store your personal belongings. Undoubtedly the Barcelos/Santa Isabel region is one of the most productive region in the world for fishing the peacock bass, numerous reasons the number of tributaries, non existence of heavy commercial fishing, difficult navigation in shallow rivers. We now have exclusivity on remote rivers where many operators are not allowed to enter. We have set up a local indigenous foundation for the area. We have the ability to fish in the Rio Negro basin out of Santa Isabela (Rio Negro, Padauiri, Aracá, Cuiuni, Caurés, Arirarrá, Urubaixi, Preto, Alegria, Uneiuxi Our staff always bring someone from the local communities to get the feel of the place and situate all guides where there are more probabilities to get the best fishing at that water level.

Length of Trip
Saturday to Sunday 9 days

Price $3950.00

Price Includes
The trip packages cover 9 days/8 nights with seven (6) full days of guided fishing. included are the overnight stay in Manaus, the ground transfers between hotel, airports, and fishing destination, the rooms and meals at the fishing destination, including soft drinks and beer all the water and fruit juice you require, your fishing permits, a guide operated boat and outboard, and the charter flights from Manaus to camp and back.

Does Not Include
International airfare, travel insurance, gratuities, overweight luggage charges, personal items, liquor, fly-fishing equipment/tackle, and airport departure tax.

The thrill that comes when a giant Peacock Bass explodes on your 7″ surface plug being ripped across the top of the water, knocking it four feet into the air only to turn and grab it as it lands back on the water has to be experienced to be believed. The Peacock Bass will challenge the skills and the equipment of every fisherman. From the feisty butterfly peacock bass which can weigh up to 12 pounds to the giant “tucanare” peacock bass that can break the scales over 20 pounds, every strike raises the possibility of a new world record. At the end of each day, both fisherman and tackle have to be repaired and rested for the next exciting day.
Many fishermen planned on a one-time “trip of a lifetime” only to keep returning each year for another chance to experience the pristine beauty of the Amazon and to do battle with another giant Peacock Bass.

Species of Fish
Peacock bass, assortment of catfish, piraracu

September to March

Fishing is out of 18′ aluminum bass boats fully rigged with Mercury 50 HP 4 stroke motors and remote controlled trolling motors for maximum efficiency and comfort. The fishing boats have large casting platforms both front and rear for the anglers with a space in the middle for the guide to operate the trolling motor and to assist each of the clients.

Seasoned Brazilian guides

Other Activities
Birding, photography, visit to a local village

Hearty meals Brazilian style but catered to Americans

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Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is recommended for all travel to protect your investment and in case of emergencies.

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