About Us

Who is ATA?

While traveling much of the world fishing and filming the Hunt for Big Fish, fishing partners Steve Yatomi and Larry Dahlberg recognized several needs in the fishing/adventure travel field.

Reliable information. Not just about the fishing but things like, who’s going to pick me up at the airport? What do I do if they don’t show up? What’s the food really like? What really is the best selection of fishing gear?

Too many people are being steered into the same places. Many of these destinations have become crowded. If that’s not bad enough, high demand combined with limited access usually cause prices to skyrocket.

We’re in the business of helping promote newly developing places and to help steer fishermen to the some of the “great old spots” that haven’t been hammered to death by excessive pressure or over harvest. Many of these out of the way treasures offer exceptional value, an exceptional fishing adventure in near virgin water and a chance to help someone who’s usually a hard core fisherman just like you are achieve their dream of establishing a fishing lodge.

We are not wholesalers. We’re representatives of lodges and developing destinations. The television exposure of The Hunt for Big Fish, with Larry Dahlberg on OLN every Saturday provides media exposure to millions of fishermen. ATA is about linking the viewer to the destination . Our goal is to set up an old fashioned “hold you by the hand every step of the way” network to connect anglers to the best fishing destinations world wide..

Remember, when you are on a trip, you want a solid, reliable company there for you, not to be cyber connected by a back room, fly by night operation. We are dedicated only to you having your trip of a lifetime a memorable experience. For many, our locations are once in a lifetime destinations. We at ATA understand your needs and will guide you to the right destination that lives up to your expectations.

Please remember our services are free to our clients. The outfitters and owners of the lodges set the price. We pass that same price on to you. We try to help you decide which fishing or hunting trip is the best for you.

We have flown the airlines you will fly on, slept in the rooms you will sleep in, eaten the food you will feast on, we have lived the adventure.