Amazon Fishing Report September 2nd, 2012

We are on the new Headwater’s 3 operation with Peacock Bass Expeditions, the newest shallow draft vessel with lots of space, the rooms and bathrooms are a bit bigger, we have our same cook Grassa keeping everyone happy. We are fishing in an undisclosed location. No other operations in the area. The 3 river’s we are fishing have larger fish than last years location and the water is clearer and not so black so the fish are more colorful.  We started the week on fire and then we had a little full moon rain to slow the action a bit. Everyday a fish over 15lb’s has been landed have had good fishing this week for big fish up to 21lbs. The fish are eating the topwater Klures very nicely, jigs and rip baits also have been productive. Peter Robbins and Hanna Robbins first day caught 2 fish over 20lb along with 4 fish over 10 they have 22 fish over 10lbs. Linda Karabin a novice caught 14,16,16,18 on her fish two days fishing another 1st timer Amber Reese caught a nice 15lb peacock that ate a Klure right at the boat, the fish jumped in the air and came down and ate the Klure, her eyes and mouth were wide open then came the scream. Fishing should be getting better we are now as we are coming off the full moon. The peacocks that we have been catching are mostly pre spawn and mean. We have the same cook keeping us very happy. Stay tuned more next week.

If this river goes down 2 ft it’s going to go off.

Guys coming in bring lots of aleve or advil you will need it.

Here are the counts for this week :
19- 2
10- 3

434 under 10lb. for 7 anglers

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