Pacific Halibut from Alaska

Hey Steve – sending you some pictures of the 228# Pacific Halibut from Alaska. The previous record for this fish was 214#. I’ve been targeting this fish on and off for 10 years. This year, during the five days I was in Alaska, I also caught 3 other Halibut between 168# and 190#. It was a great week of fishing in Gustavus (Glacier Bay).

I caught the fish on the Boss Xtreme 600, loaded with about 750 or 800 yards of 25# test Green Platinum Izorline (pre tested to know where it would break), on a Calstar 700M rod.

Thank you getting us to such an ideal location to target big halibut for a line class record. It was beautiful as well as rich with potential.

Looking forward to our Amazon trip in 2014.

Keep on Fishing!
Kathy Rounds

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