Amazon Report

Amazon report- Arrived in Barcelos and the general report is fishing is slow with scattered rain through out the Amazon basin. I talked with Terry of High Rollers his group was fishing around Santa Isabella area was slow but big fish, I also met up with an old friend Johnny Hoffman of Mantega lodge the area he was fishing in the northern tributaries of the Negro was also slow.

Amazon fishing report Monday Rising water levels with on and off again rain. John Gaibreath has been coming for 5 trips now and looking to break the 20lb mark, this season he brings his son Bob and on the first day Bob lands a 20.5 azul peacock. J The next day Bob caught a 22lb azul. Peacocks over 10 for the rest of the boat is17lb, 15lb, 12, 11, 11, 10, 10. Fishing is rated as slow. Fishing hard the high count so far is 40 per person. It seems that the best bait are jigs and mid water column baits. The Klure prop bait with a follow up jig or minnow bait is working also. Sometimes are following it right to the boat sometimes eating it as your lifting the jig out. The weather is very pleasant with scattered showers. The fish count for the group just going out 10/15 was 478 peacock 22 over 10lbs. the week of 10/8 caught 1012 peacocks 75 over 10lb. The rains have put the bite off for last week and this part of this week so far. One thing noted most of these fish appear to be pre spawn and very mean. Guys this is a big fish river we are seeing them all over. Accurate casting a must. No operators in this area. Todd please bring some long shank panfish hooks 6lb mono, 27#wire, dental floss. Steve from the jungle.

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