Royal Polaris San Diego

ROYAL POLARIS- We are homeward bound and soon I’ll be back to the freezing temperatures of the Midwest. It’s been a pleasure bringing you the reports but after this one summing things up, I’ll turn the computer back over to Roy as there won’t be a whole lot to say other than here we come. It’s been an outstanding trip from every angle you can look at. There are a lot of guys who have been on far more trips than I, but over the last 26 years or so I’ve done my share. There’s been many days on many trips when I wished for a single pick up. OK, I know I’m not the best fisherman around, but I know a hot bite when I see one. There was more action this time around than any trip I can remember and as far as rearranging freezers in order to get a few more fish in, that I flat out have never seen. The last few days was the first time I’ve ever experienced pressure free fishing. You had plenty of fish by then, you were getting hooked up without too much delay, and there was an excellent chance that if you brought it to the boat it was going to be cut off any way. It’s amazing how much better you fish when you can relax and just enjoy it. I just hope I can experience fishing like this again sometime soon. For me that will be early Feb. so who knows, maybe there will be some new poems then for you to enjoy. Till then, tight lines and bent rods and merry Christmas and happy holidays to all out there.

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