Royal Polaris Fishing Report

Royal Polaris
Hi folks;

Weather today was a bit overcast however the seas are calm. 

Our fishing today was a bit on the slow side, however our passengers actually enjoyed the reprieve. The bengay and IB Prophen were in heavy use the last 2 days.
I would also like to mention how wonderful it is to have 3 lady fisherman on this trip. Susan Beck has been fishing here on the Royal Polaris since 1977. She is an excellent angler and much fun to have on the boat. Kathy Rounds has been fishing the Royal Polaris since 1995. She does knot tying seminars at the Long Beach show and is an excellent angler. Christie Maxa is on her second trip aboard the Royal Polaris, and has caught several 150 pound Yellowfin tuna on this trip.

Please note were are making a schedule change for this trip next year. The trip will leave on Thanksgiving day, November 24, 2011 and be a 12 day ride down and back and have the optional of Hurricane bank, Clarion buffer zone and the Magdalena Bay area. If you chose to join us we will have a great Thanksgiving meal with all the holiday trimmings. 

Tomorrow we will be arriving in Cabo San Lucas and most of our anglers will be flying home. The R/p crew.

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”

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