El Pescador Belize


BONES: Some exceptionally big bonefish are around right now! Our average bonefish is 2 to 3 pounds, but reports of landing fish in the 6 and 7 pound range, as well as sightings of ten pound fish by Captain Erlindo – who does not exaggerate! I missed a gordo bonefish out in the lagoon. Why is it that we remember the ones that got away? Congratulations to Brent and Rachel for landing their first bonefish!
PERMIT: Joe and Ole from Norway had their first experience with Mr. Permit. Joe landed a permit, small – so the fish needed to be held away from the angler to make the fish look bigger for the photo. But you know what? A permit is a permit. Congratulations to Joe, who received his permit pin this week.
TARPON: Go Stuart! Stu fished all week with Captain Erlindo, and on the last day, Mr. Tarpon was landed from Savannah Flats. That tarpon pin is well deserved. There was really only one day this week that worked for chasing tarpon, and they got it done. The migratory tarpon down by Long Caye are still around, but not in big numbers. It is going to be so much fun to learn where they go! The information from their satellite tags will reveal still unknown migratory patterns. Tags were placed last June in 3 tarpon, so we’ll see what we get in 2011!
SNOOK: The snook are teasing us! They are out from the mangroves as they are this time of year…….but they are like permit when it comes to taking a fly! Sometimes they want it, and sometimes they just chase it. Some really big snook targeted this week, up to 20 pounds! And I found a few to chase around in the lagoon. The thing is, when it does happen, it is a great fish!
JACKS: Big jacks around 15 pounds landed this week on fly, one almost burned up a reel, again!


FOR BONES: Christmas Island Specials size 8 and 6, Charlies and Gotchas. Tan, gold, sexy patterns. Sexy patterns are flies that move so great in the water you just to have it.
FOR TARPON: 3/0 yellow toads, green Toads, Black Death cockroach, and look out with purple! Your choice, circle hooks will help people who have not had experience setting tarpon, while the standard is still with J-hooks, or set hooks.
FOR PERMIT: Orange and pink Christmas Island Specials size 4 stripped fast. Tan and green crabs, size 6, when they are tailing. We strip a lot of flies for permit. It is the way the San Pedro guides do it, and it works! Shrimp patterns, size 6, on long 14-16 ft leaders down to 16lb test. Glass minnow patterns work as well. You just have to be brave enough to try.


We had a nice quiet week here at El Pescador. Brent and Rachel said they will return next year at the same time just for the calm before the Christmas Holidays. We fish 400 sq miles of flats, and had 3 fishing boats out this week. Anytime you can go out, have a fun filled fishing day and not see another boat is always a gift. One of our gifts here is our 400 square miles of flats, so many anglers exclaim at the end of the day, “we didn’t see another soul!” Watching anglers progress throughout their stay here at El Pescador Lodge is a gift for me! Anglers that show up ready to learn more about their cast or how to approach a fish, always leave better anglers. I love that. The bottom line – it’s wintertime and we are fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon and snook! All is well here on Ambergris Caye.

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