El Pescador Belize Fishing Report

Bjorn and Shane were here for only three days of fishing which consisted of a day self guided in the lagoon bonefishing, and two days with Captain Kachu. They also chased bonefish up the beach on the incoming tide and were able to land ten fish between them, all four pounds plus. Maybe a couple of them were smaller, but these fish are really smart, so they are extra credit bonefish! Good job guys! 
PERMIT: We are loving our permit right now. Nice schools showing up both up north in the Park, as well as down south of town. Anglers were able to cast to moving schools, as well as schools finning and tailing out of the water. Peter was awarded his permit pin last night for landing two permit on fly. Nice. Adam is here – basically family at El Pescador, and landed two permit on Thursday. His new wife Julie is visiting this time. She said, “I’m not used to seeing Adam so animated!” We are looking forward to the day Julie lands her first permit. She’ll get it. Most permit were landed with a size 6 Christmas Island Special. Shane from The Fly Shop in Redding had flies we all drooled over. He landed permit on his own patterns. ☺ 
TARPON: Savanah Flats had some spectacular days this week. Captain Kachu found a nice 30 pound tarpon for Bjorn in a lagoon, and this tarpon completed his Grand Slam! Shane landed a nice one a little bigger. Kevin had some nice bites and jumps on fly….and then he kept himself entertained chasing cuda with big pink plastic rubber….and then giggled with each cuda take. Tony also had some great bites and jumps, now he can’t get those images out of his mind. Last I heard he was planning on changing his life so he can tarpon fish more often. 
SNOOK: Tony landed a twenty pound snook on a fly! This is the first one landed this month. Snook are not catch and release, so this one was given to Captain Emir for a prize dinner with his family. Captain Sinoe had Chris, a newcomer to the salt, with a snook just as big. But Sinoe told me he looked at the fish and couldn’t kill it. He said it was “too pretty,” so off it swam. I’ve been feeling the same way, sometimes you just have to do what you are used to doing fishing a fly in the salt, let them go. 
JACKS: Some giant jacks landed this week on spin and fly. Some were close to twenty pounds. One fly reel burned up due to Mr. Jack.
FOR BONES: Christmas Island Specials size 8 and 6, Charlies and Gotchas. Tan, gold, sexy patterns. Sexy patterns are flies that move so great in the water you just to have it.
FOR TARPON: 3/0 yellow toads, green Toads, Black Death cockroach, and look out with purple! Your choice, circle hooks will help people who have not had experience setting tarpon, while the standard is still with J-hooks, or set hooks. 
FOR PERMIT: Orange and pink Christmas Island Specials size 4 stripped fast. Tan and green crabs, size 6, when they are tailing. We strip a lot of flies for permit. It is the way the San Pedro guides do it, and it works! Shrimp patterns, size 6, on long 14-16 ft leaders down to 16lb test. Glass minnow patterns work as well. You just have to be brave enough to try.
Seriously check out bonefishonthefly.com. Bjorn’s slide show/video presentation sums up the week of excellent fishing. I spent the day in the lagoon wading some of my favorite spots. As soon as I parked the canoe a Roseate Spoonbiil flew over my head. This pink beauty is my favorite bird and brought a giant smile. I spent the day with some of my favorite people, fishing, eating, and giving thanks to Mother Nature and all her glory. We are also thankful to El Pescador and all the incredible people we work with. Cheers. Lori-Ann

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