Argentina Lake Strobel Report Dec 25th

by Marcelo Widmann:

For the first time, we visited the Lake Strobel, with Gary and Carol, clients and friends of USA. We met at the Rio Chico with the person in charge of the place, Gerardo Mutti, great person and hard working who treated us wonderfully. 
After a road moved around a plateau full of volcanic stones, we began a decline as if falling into a huge crater  to the lake, arriving then to the house that will lodge us for 5 nights. We found there a wonderful and peaceful place, with all the amenities needed to stay as long as desired.
Once installed in the house, we were so anxious that could not wait any longer to go fishing to the lake! We did not have much time, because in April, it gets dark around 7.30 PM. Then, with a few “mates” in between, we set our #8 rods with fast sinking and intermediate lines.
We traveled to the southest bay where the shelf was very close, and you could find large deep pools. Gary and Caryl made their first casts and in no more than ten minutes later, they got their first strike. Caryl got her very first rainbow of the trip, 4 kilos! which gave a tough fight! We were releasing it when Gary got another!, This slightly larger, 4.5 kilos! Catches continued steadily until the end of the day. Fishing in the days that followed was incredible, especially early in the morning, on the rocks that are outside the large sandy beach where the waves hit once the wind starts blowing. The largest catches were up to 7 kilos (16 pounds). The flies used were preferably streamers in dark colors, and bright colors when it was cloudy. Imitations of Scuds in hook sizes 10 and 8, also were effective. As for the lines, intermediate and sinking, with a slow retrieve, gave the best results. Personally I try with dry but without result, since the water was very, very cold and there was no surface activity! It’s time to leave, “the dream ended and it was time to get up …” We could not believe that we had to go back, we made the best rainbow trout fishing in the world, in a unique place, beyond description.
Thanks Trophy Rainbow and Gerardo, for the great hospitality. We hope to see you soon, greetings, Caryl, Gary and Marcelo.

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