Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil Report

Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil
On the water report Fishing has been steady but not hot, it’s been finesse fishing, accurate casting in necessary the peacock’s mostly on beds now with the low water and high temperatures. Currently jigs have been the most effective. During this last week we have received, 30cm of rain. The water level was going down about 6 to 10cm per day. It has been very nice that because the Tayacu is shallow draft we can venture where no others can. We have not seen any motherships or the skiffs until returning to the Rio Negro. All the big boats are stuck fishing in the Rio Negro, due to boat traffic fishing is a bit tough in comparison with many boat boats fishing the same water. The Tayacu 2 can travel in 80cm of water it is now fishing the headwaters of Rio Araca at this time.
This week Jason Woo of Salt Lake City landed the biggest fish of the week 24lb and a 20lb on 10lb the same day excellent fishing for a first time peacock fisherman. Dennis Chin another first timer from Salt Lake City with a 21lb. peacock. Veteran angler Steve Cihat on his 13th trip fished his special prop bait and caught a 18lb peacock. Now for round 2 with the Tackle Tour group.

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