Costa Rica Croc Bay 11/1 Fishing Report

We are opening our doors November 1st for the 2010-2011 season. The locals have already been catching good numbers of dorado so it looks like things are getting off to a normal start. Here’s what to expect in a normal season at Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica.

INSHORE… The fishing inside the Golfo Dulce is fairly constant year round and varies more day to day rather than seasonal. The shrimp boats quit working the gulf over a year ago and the gill netters have been gone several month so fishing will be much improved over previous years. Last season we saw the best snapper fishing we have seen in a dozen years and it is only going to get better. Roosterfish, snapper, grouper, African pompano, bluefin trevally are just a few of the varieties that call the gulf and near shore waters home.

November, December, The cobalt waters in the Eastern Tropical Pacific will be ate up with dorado (dolphin fish) in the 20 to 40 lb range with an occasional fish going as much as 60 lbs. Since dorado are one of the favorite snacks of marlin, November and December is a prime time to get your “lady in the blue dress.”

There will be plenty of small yellow fin tuna and bonita around, (popcorn for marlin) and if the porpoises are running through, the larger tuna will be cruising under the acrobatic mammals. There will sails around and there number will increase rapidly in late December or early January depending on when the Papagayo winds start blowing across Lake Nicaragua and into the Pacific.

January marks the arrival of the large number of sails that made Costa Rica famous in the sport fishing world and the dorado will hang around till the end of the month. Marlin will still be chasing dorado and stretching the string on fishing reels. Towards the end of the month the sailfish run will be in full swing and multiple hook-ups become a common thing.

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